Entertainment: Cardinal Season 4 begins April 6th on CTV

The Canadian drama series returns with the highly anticipated fourth and final season airing Mondays at 10pm starting April 6th on CTV and Crave.

Joining Billy Campbell and Karine Vanasse in Season 4 is an all-star supporting cast including Shawn Doyle (FREQUENCY) as Scott Riley, Currie Graham (Pompeii) as Neil Cuthbert, Carmen Moore (BLACKSTONE) as Sheila Gagne, and Cas Anvar (THE EXPANSE) as Taj Roy. 

In Season 4, Detectives John Cardinal (Billy Campbell) and Lise Delorme (Karine Vanasse) have grown closer as friends and partners. There’s a strong bond between them that transcends the job, a bond that deepens all the time and yet remains largely unspoken. But when a seemingly mundane missing persons case turns into a spree of nightmarish murders, the ensuing investigation pushes them to their limits as detectives and partners, forcing both of them to face what their futures hold. Against the bitterly cold and sometimes outright hostile environment of Algonquin Bay winter, CARDINAL: UNTIL THE NIGHT is about people frozen in place – frozen by regret, by anger, or by fear of making the wrong choice. Culminating in a final showdown in a harsh winter landscape, Cardinal and Delorme must put everything on the line to save an innocent life.

Receiving with the most Canadian Screen Awards for any television series in 2019, Cardinal received 14 nominations for the 2020 Canadian Screen Awards including Best Drama Series, Best Supporting Actress, Drama, Best Lead Actor, Drama Series, and Best Lead Actress, Drama Series. In 2019, the series also won seven Canadian Screen Awards.

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