Entertainment: Actress Katie McGrath talks Frontier

Discovery’s epic adventure drama series starring Jason Momoa is back. Frontier has already been renewed for Season 3, but first, Season 2 of Frontier is airing on Discovery Wednesdays at 10pm. 

This season picks up right where Season 1 left off – at the cliffhanger, with Momoa’s character Declan Harp at the gallows. **Spoiler Alert!** He slips through the hangman’s noose. Benton (Alun Armstrong) offers a bounty on his head, inviting killers to come to the frontier in search of the reward, while old allies are forced to embrace new alliances or arm themselves against the killers… and everyone is still on a quest for wealth and power.

Season 2 sees the entire lead cast return, including of course Jason Momoa and Alun Armstrong, but also Allan Hawco, Shawn Doyle, Greg Bryk, Landon Liboiron, Zoe Boyle, Evan Jonigkeit, Jessica Matten and Katie McGrath, who sat down to let Suburban readers in on working on the show.

Tell us about Season 2 of the show.

It's building on the characters your know and fleshing them out, building the world up, making everything more detailed and intense. Straight into the nitty gritty of telling all the different threads.

Tell us about your character.

She’s a woman of the time but a woman trapped in that time. If she was alive today she would no doubt be running Facebook. She’s a very capable person - the limitations that are put upon her, even with that, she finds ways to manipulate the situation to her own means. She's a smart, intelligent woman who uses the power as best as she can, and doesn’t let society or gender stand in her way. She’s sassy as f*ck.

And you got renewed for Season 3 very quickly!

When you look at what they have managed to put on screen, it's astounding. It's not a huge production - we film in St. John's and a lot of credit goes to the geography of Newfoundland. It's so amazing and beautiful and ups the production value. And you also have a cast of extremely engaging and likeable and unlikable characters in a setting that strikes a chord with Canadians. It’s all so intriguing.

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