The Show Must Go On: Centaur Theatre Company launches COVID-recovery program

The following is a letter signed by Eda Holmes, Artistic & Executive Director Centaur Theatre Company, and Michael Baratta Chairman of the Board, Centaur Theatre Company:

Dear Friends of Centaur: Opening and closing performances are special occasions in the theatre. It is hard to imagine that last Sunday would have been the final performance of August Wilson’s Fences — the final production of Centaur’s 51st season — had we not been forced to cancel due to the extraordinary circumstances of this global pandemic. Still, as we maintain social distancing to protect the vulnerable and frontline workers, we can all take solace in knowing that eventually “the show must go on!”

Theatre is the place we go to discover stories that delight us, fortify us, and drive us to continue evolving as an enlightened society. It connects us and allows us to see ourselves from new perspectives so we can engage with our world, rooted in a strong sense of community. Centaur has brought this kind of relevant, engaging, and inspirational theatre to the city for over 50 years and we have every intention of continuing for another 50!

Montreal’s thriving cultural community has been hit hard by COVID-19. In all likelihood, we will be facing a new world that we will need to make sense of once we get to the other side of this. Help us prepare for more opening night celebrations, memorable performances, and successful closings once we can open our doors again.

To weather the COVID crisis, we need your help.

Every contribution makes a difference, no matter the size. You will receive a full tax receipt for your gift. To make a gift over the phone, please email and we will follow up with you personally.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Eda Holmes, Artistic & Executive Director Centaur Theatre Company

Michael Baratta Chairman of the Board, Centaur Theatre Company

— Centaur Theatre Company

— AB

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