That’s a Wrap for Ceci n'est pas un Fringe — This Is Not a Fringe Festival

Concert by Katie Moore and Andrew Horton.

That’s a wrap for Ceci n’est pas un Fringe ::: This Is Not a Fringe Festival as thousands of festival goers from around the world tuned in for an online lineup of over 150 local and national artists from June 10-20.

The spirit of the Fringe was kept alive this June with 10 jam-packed days of multidisciplinary content, from the Signature Series to the Daily Dose to the newly launched MiniFringe fan page.

Content will be available on the Fringe’s Facebook page and YouTube channel only until June 30 at midnight.

“We did it!” exclaimed MainLine Theatre’s Executive and Artistic Director Amy Blackmore. “I am so pleased with the overwhelmingly positive response to our efforts to remain engaged with our community throughout these difficult times. We’re thrilled that we now have the infrastructure in place to support online artistic content. I’m personally inspired by discussions we had as a part of the Transformation Series and expect to continue these conversations for months to come.”

10 This Is Not a Fringe Festival Highlights That You Are Not Too Late to Enjoy!

1. Opening Concert with Paul Cargnello and special appearances by invited guests.

2. Infemous,  presented in partnership with New York’s Queerly Festival. Hosted by Kate Hammer, featuring Jess Soloman, Eman El Husseini, DeeDee Edouard-Williams, Sara Meleika and Ayan Abdirahman.

3. A special in-studio concert by Sheenah Ko from her residency at Centre d’Expérimentation Musicale in Chicoutimi.

4. Fringe Livestream: Being Brown Is My Superpower by Mohana Rajakumar from Qatar.

5. 10 emerging BIPOC artists profiles written by Camila Fitzgibbon.

6. Multidisciplinary Métis artist Moe Clark in concert.

7. Daily Bouge d’ici Doses, including Many Eyes by Axelle Munezero.

8. Daily Magic Doses, including a special video by Travis Bernhardt.

9. Concert by Katie Moore and Andrew Horton. 

10. The Transformation Series, facilitated by Amy Blackmore and including conversations with dozens of artists and cultural workers. Topics included artistic practice during the pandemic, green theatre practices, work-life balance and the future of the arts! The series will remain available for viewing after June 30.

Content online until June 30

— Ceci n'est pas un Fringe ::: This Is Not a Fringe Festival

— St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival,

— AB

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