The performing arts and local live theatre have taken a real hit throughout the pandemic. Segal Centre member and Westmount resident Carrie Mazoff started experimenting with videography as a hobby at the beginning of the year, and as COVID rolled in this past spring, she began perfecting her skills. She found an innovative way to use her new-found expertise to not only entertain but also to help her beloved theatre.

“I’d been doing fundraising initiatives for about 10 years and I’ve been in the creative space for 10 years as well, plus I’d been performing annually in the Segal Centre’s musical fundraiser where I was a co-chair of the event and helped them to raise money. I’m very passionate about the arts and the Segal Centre,” Mazoff said.

When the pandemic started last March, she used the time to tap into a new hobby: videography. “I got inspired to make a video of a song about sweatpants because the first couple of weeks we were all in sweatpants. Over the last nine months, I honed my skills, got more equipment, put out a series called Carrie’s Corona Shorts, and kept getting better at the technical side.”

Her latest video, Hamil’Rona – An Infectious Musical, is a labour of love. Mazoff said she has worked on it a lot and thought maybe she’d use the video as a springboard to help raise some funds for the Segal Centre.

“I do these videos for myself because I love the process – I’m not really doing it for my audience, but I wanted to make a bigger impact,” she said. “Instead of just putting it on Facebook, I came up with a marketing plan, got Segal on board, and I asked people to make an $18 donation. Every bit counts, and that has always been my message.”

Her goal is to raise $5,000 and she is about halfway there, but she added, “I’m far from finished.”

To check out Mazoff’s video and to make a donation, go to her Facebook or Instagram (@carrieon66) pages, or visit

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