Quartiers Danses Festival's 15th edition Sept. 7 to 17

This September 7 to 17, the Quartiers Danses Festival (FQD) will return to celebrate its 15th anniversary! This year, a total of 23 creations will be presented in 12 performances at the Place des Arts' Cinquième Salle, with one performance at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts' Bourgie Hall.

In addition to indoor programming, several satellite activities will also be offered for free. 28 performances in different Montreal city landmarks, three short-film evenings, one photography exhibition on original dance, and one round-table day. It's a fresh and memorable way to celebrate the city's 375th anniversary and Canada's 150th! The complete programming will be unveiled August 16 at a festive happy hour at the Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme on the Place des Arts!

As part of these celebrations, the FQD is structuring its programming around the theme of “The Builders”, a vibrant homage to the artists and creators that marked the festival's last 14 years. These choreographers have pushed contemporary dance to evolve and transform itself in Montreal, all thanks to their undeniable capacity for innovation.

FQD's opening night will be on Thursday, September 7, with a double bill of world premieres featuring two Montreal artists. First, Andrea Peña offers us El Vientre del Animal. In this new creation, dancers and audience are plunged into a complex and primitive atmosphere, where the joys and absurdities of the unconscious will be exposed. The evening will close with The Man Who Traveled Nowhere in Time, Kyra Jean Green's latest piece: an exploration of a man's journey and diverse states of consciousness over time.

Among the many highlights that should not be missed, we find 3 Canadian premieres under the theme of Encounter between Barcelona, Madrid and Montreal. Saturday, September 9 at 8:00 pm, dancer France Roy and actor Johanne Marie Tremblay will share the stage in their latest joint piece, specially created for FQD: Les GRUES. These two talented artists are inspired by the complicity and mutual observation between them and their audience. This double bill will be closed with a Montreal premiere by Daniel Abreu, who will revive his cult trio Silencio, created in 2013.

These three dancers, including Abreu himself, have conceived an ode to life of exemplary maturity and imbued with strong spirituality. Sunday, September 10, multidisciplinary Montreal artist Dulcinée Langfelder will present Is there a method to this madness?: a question-filled conference-presentation on the creative process. This talk will be followed by BEST OF YOU by La Intrusa, a piece in which two artists, grappling with a flood of tension, seek respite by searching within their best intentions. Closing these three Encounter evenings on Tuesday, September 12 at 8:00 pm, James Viveiros, former Marie Chouinard soloist, will dance and choreograph his first solo. Presented as a danced meditation, he invites the audience to abandon their fears and inhibitions. The evening continues with the surprising duo of dancer, actor and scenographer Marc Béland and Sònia Gòmez Vicente, artist originally from Barcelona. These two great creators, together on one stage, propose a moment that is as playful as it is moving.

Two other performances promise to captivate the audience. First, on Monday, September 11 at 9:00 pm, as part of FQD's benefit-evening, the urban dance company Tentacle Tribe will present the world premiere of their latest creation, centred around the number 3 and highlighting its geometry and mysticism, all on the rhythmic beat of contemporary hip hop.

Finally, the FQD's final day will be closed by none other than the Cas Public company, recent winner of the Grand Prix du CAM (Montreal Arts Council). This company, founded by Hélène Blackburn, will present its latest creation, titled 9, created in collaboration with Kopergietery: the true story of a hearing-impaired dancer and his interpretation of Beethoven's music. A “punch in the gut” creation that shatters the concept of “handicap” and, in the same breath, highlights the importance of our five senses in perceiving and understanding the world around us. These performances will all be presented at the Place des Arts' Cinquième Salle.

For complete and detailed programming, visit http://quartiersdanses.com/en/

—Quartiers Danses Festival


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