New this spring from Linda Leith Publishing

In a statement released at the end of March, Linda Leith Publishing expressed deep disappointment that all events associated with the Spring 2020 launches have been cancelled and said it was heartbreaking that the most celebrated time in the life of an author, the launch of a book, will necessarily be a muted affair. But the local publisher will continue working during this uncertain time, doing its best to support its authors, translators, and editors — and its readers.

Great books are still available for order through online services such as ChaptersIndigo, Amazon, Paragraphe Books, Drawn & Quarterly, Archambault, Les Libraires and others. Check out the authors, pick up a title for yourself or for a loved one. If you don't have an e-reader, a PDF can be read on any smartphone, tablet or computer. And if you prefer a hard copy, LLP will make sure you get it. New this spring:

Home Sickness

  • Stories. Chih-Ying Lay
  • Translated from the Mandarin by Darryl Sterk

"Good writers create worlds -- great writers, glittering constellations. Diamond-hard, harrowing, melancholy, bawdy, erudite, Lay's stories stream with blood, sperm, tears, piss, sweat, passion, loss. A medical student lovingly dissects the body of a dear friend who was a political dissident; a twisted sexual triangle develops between an artist, her nine-year-old son, and a day labourer; a young man whose mother is in chemo develops sympathetic symptoms all his own. Home Sickness is the work of a true original. As one queer writer to another, I salute an astonishing new talent."

-- Will Aitken, author of Antigone Undone


  • Novel. Fanie Demeule
  • Translated by Anita Anand

"At only 26, Demeule's sharp pen has crafted a shocking first novel. A brief incursion into the life of a woman struggling with her body, this window into self-effacement is striking. Demeule masterfully chronicles the negative effects of day-to-day life on an unnamed narrator, revealing the ravages and scars left on her body by society and family." CHÂTELAINE

Told with startling honesty and in a haunting, minimalist style, Lightness is the story of a woman's profound sense of alienation, beginning with her own body and its desires.

Who Belongs in Quebec? Identity Politics in a Changing Society

  • Non-fiction. Raquel Fletcher

Are Quebecers less tolerant than other Canadians? Ongoing debate about secularism and religious symbols has led observers to ask that very question. The province's diverse new reality is sometimes embraced and sometimes met with hostility from alt-right groups and emboldened anti-immigrant sentiment. One of the biggest questions Quebecers will have to face is: What does this new reality mean for the Quebec identity? And who gets to consider themselves a Quebecer? The author, a young journalist who moved to Quebec City from Saskatchewan, has some critical questions for the adopted province she loves.

Woman of Her Time: Memories of My Mother

  • Memoir. Louise Dupré
  • Translated by Liedewy Hawke

In this memoir, the distinguished feminist author and poet Louise Dupré conjures up the tragedies and joys of her mother’s life--and does so not only in the personal context of the family but as a woman of her time in the dramatically changing backdrop of Quebec before, during, and after the heady days of the Quiet Revolution. A compelling read that will expand your understanding of the complexity of Quebec society over the past century, as well as your appreciation of the great, wise, and compassionate Louise Dupré.

Communication et Violence: Des récits personnels à l'hégémonie américaine

  • Essai. Eric Deguire

En se lançant dans un récit autobiographique, Eric Deguire veut d’abord démontrer l’impact de la culture américaine sur sa propre vie par l’exploration de thèmes tels la famille, la langue, l’immigration et la littérature. Il y aborde notamment ses origines libanaises, grecques et canadienne-françaises et la force d’attraction de la langue anglaise. Ces écrits sont soutenus par une recherche qui s’inscrit dans le travail d’une vie; un travail qui, par une approche aussi humble qu’humaine, cherche à communiquer des idées et à créer de nouvelles réflexions au sujet de l’américanité : son omniprésence, ses belles réussites, et ses échecs moraux.

— Linda Leith Publishing

— AB

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