MSOPA annual BBQ fundraiser event Aug. 17

The MSOPA (School of Performing Arts) invites the public to its Annual Barbecue Fundraising Event. MSOPA, staff and students hope as many people as possible will join them for the festivities, complete with DJ, karaoke, raffles, great food by “Chef” Josa and guaranteed fun!

The event takes place Saturday, August 17 from 3 pm to 1am at UNIA, 2741 Notre Dame W. (Metro Lionel Grouxl). Admission is $25 Adults, $15 (children under 10 yrs. and seniors) Free for children under 4. It’s all you can eat but bring your own beer or wine.

Celebrating 27 years Josa Maule’s School of Performing Arts (MSOPA) annual BBQ is a great opportunity to network with other artist in the industry, meet new friends and help raise funds for their ongoing film / theatre projects, and MSOPA community outreach project "Acting out!". Over the years, MSOPA has collaborated with culturally diverse schools and various organizations in the community to give Children at Risk (children with behavioral problems or mental illness) the opportunity to take acting classes. These classes help children communicate better, feel more confident, learn to work with others, and just plain have fun. Programs like this, along with other youth programs offered receive little to no funding. Your contributions make all the difference.

For further information, please contact Josa Maule at 514-483-5526 or email


— AB

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