Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ visitor numbers skyrocket

While the physical doors of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) have been closed since March 14, its virtual doors remain wide open. Striving to make art and its varied programs accessible to as many people as possible, the Museum's teams have rolled up their sleeves to offer their audiences virtual content that is equally creative and educational. These efforts have met with unqualified success: the numbers of visitors on the MMFA's distribution platforms have grown exponentially, said an April 9 statement.

The virtual content proposed daily by the Museum to keep the public entertained, learning and inspired has caught on like wildfire. The MMFA recorded an over 96% increase in its Facebook followers from the month before. The MMFA's mobile app, which contains virtual Museum tours and audioguides, saw downloads soar by 230% on App Store and 3,000% on Google Play.

In addition, weekly videos that showcase Museum experts answering the public's questions have drawn the attention of nearly 26,000 curious minds wanting to know more about these diverse professions.

The popularity of EducArt was such that the website that hosts the educational platform crashed on the first day. Adjustments have since been made, enabling 16,800 users – 88.7% of whom are new – to continue to learn at home using the tool's scholastic resources. In less than a month, EducArt has seen a 972% rise in visitors.

The MMFA's daily cultural offerings continue on Facebook and Instagram.

— Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA)

— AB

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