Century Song will play at Centaur Theatre thanks to the support of the Cole Foundation

Dora Award-winning soprano, Neema Bickersteth.

Century Song, the one-woman show taking place at Centaur during Black History Month from February 12 to 16, highlights 100 years of Black female endeavour, beautifully embodied by the Dora Award-winning soprano, Neema Bickersteth. The play’s international artistic team started developing the unique creation out of Toronto in 2014, evolving it through subsequent iterations that were presented in Western Canada. Century Song came to international attention when it enjoyed critical and box office success at the highly regarded Edinburgh Festival in 2018.

Century Song, the second production in Centaur Theatre’s Presenting Series, is subsidized by the Cole Foundation, which tasks itself with encouraging artistic dialogues between diverse communities in order to foster understanding and appreciation between all of Montreal’s citizens.

The Cole Foundation supported Century Song first with a $5,000 commissioning grant and subsequently, it awarded an additional $15,000 to cover production costs. Eda Holmes, Centaur Theatre’s Artistic and Executive Director: “We need foundations such as this supporting the artists, because the arts are an essential ingredient in the healthy functioning of a democratic society.” Centaur productions which have received Cole Foundation grants include Fences, Choir Boy, The Baklawa Recipe, You Will Remember Me, Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of God, The St. Leonard Chronicles, and Intimate Apparel.

Corporate support is also greatly appreciated by Canadian arts organizations and companies such as Manuvie, the official Production Sponsor of Centaur Theatre’s Presenting Series, has been contributing to noteworthy artistic institutions for decades, keeping the wheels of creativity turning.

  • Presented in Association with Volcano Theatre, Moveable Beast, and Richard Jordan Productions UK
  • Co-created by Neema Bickersteth, Kate Alton & Ross Manson
  • Starring internationally acclaimed soprano Neema Bickersteth
  • Choreographed by Kate Alton
  • Directed by Ross Manson

—Cole Foundation




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