Centaur Theatre's Children Series presents Wake Up Sleeping Beauty!

On Saturday, Nov. 28, as part of the Centaur Theatre Children’s Series, 

The Live Action Theatre Project presents Wake up Sleeping Beauty!

Drawing on the fable of Little Briar Rose by the Brothers Grimm, Wake Up Sleeping Beauty! explores a classic fairy tale with a twist. The audience teams up to help wake the Princess from her slumber and take action to save herself and restore her Kingdom. In the tradition of “choose your own adventure”, the Centaur invites the audience to sit in the middle of the action!

Wake up Sleeping Beauty! deconstructs the traditional archetypes of fairy tales, allowing young audiences to choose for themselves what “happily ever after” looks like. By countering gender roles and using the convention of ‘storytelling’ as a metaphor for social scripts, Centaur brings the audience intimately together in a dialogue on these themes. It is their intent to invite young people into this timely discussion, encouraging them to decide for themselves how they want the “story” to go.

Performances include both scripted elements and improvisation. The result is a fun and surprising piece suitable and engaging for all ages.

  • Co-Created by Julia Ainsworth & Rosaruby Kagan
  • Script written by Julia Ainsworth
  • Directed by Rosaruby Kagan

  • Dramaturgy by Koby Rogers Hall

  • Featuring: Leigh Anne Taylor (19/2, Being Human), Elisabeth Yale (Crossfire, Helix), Lise Vignualt (CBC Comedy Coup Depflies, Le Nouveau International) & Will Ward (Mud, LATP)

Centaur Theatre: 453 St. François-Xavier, Saturday, Nov. 28 at 10:30 a.m.

Adults: $8, Children: $6. Tickets available by calling 514-288-3161


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