Bob Bachelor awarded prestigious Prize from Quebec Choral Alliance

Bob Bachelor

After 30 years at the helm of The Lyric Theatre Singers , its Founder and Artistic Director, Bob Bachelor, has been awarded the prestigious Jean-Pierre-Guindon Prize from the Alliance Chorale du Québec.

This prize is given out once a year to a conductor who has worked in the choral world for more than 25 years and made a significant positive impact on their own ensemble, peers, and the Quebec choral community in general.

In January 2020, unbeknownst to him, Bachelor’s candidacy was presented for review to the Alliance’s selection committee. Lyric’s Board of Directors was later informed that he had been chosen as the worthy recipient. The news was announced to Bachelor and the Singers during a recent virtual celebration, an understandably emotional and memorable moment for all.

“With thirty years of involvement with the Lyric Theatre Singers [...] which he founded in 1990, along with the other choirs he has conducted in his career, his twenty years of teaching musical theatre at CAMMAC, St-George's high school, the Vincent d'Indy music school and John Abbott College, Mr. Bachelor handily qualified to receive this recognition,” stated Lyne Dusseault, President, Alliance Chorale du Québec. “His expertise in Broadway music combined with his rigor and the passion that drives him, have led The Lyric Theatre Singers to win numerous awards over the years.”

The Lyric Theatre Singers’ Board of Directors and all of the ensemble’s past and present members were thrilled to see their devoted maestro receive such well-deserved recognition for the years of music and joy he has brought to his students, various choirs, musical theatre performers, and Montreal audiences.

Bob Bachelor awarded prestigious Prize from Quebec Choral Alliance

This year, Mr. Bachelor’s determination and ingenuity were put to the test with the advent of the COVID-19 crisis. He had to adapt very quickly to the situation, which put an abrupt halt to the Singers’ 30th anniversary celebratory events and concert rehearsals. Without skipping a beat, he created a virtual safe-space for his vocal ensemble and artistic collaborators to continue creating together … yet apart. As a result, the project TOGETHER FROM HOME was born and the last of 4 videos in the series was released October 1st, just in time for International Music Day. Mr. Bachelor is especially proud of this last video, a rendition of Stephen Sondheim’s “No One is Alone” from the musical, Into the Woods.

“Alessandro Mercurio (Lyric Singer and Video Director/Editor) created a stunning visual interpretation and The Singers perform it beautifully, with some incredible assistance from Rob Denton (sound design),” stated Bachelor. “Imagine how it feels for a vocal ensemble not to be allowed to sing together in the same room because it is dangerous! If you listen closely, you can hear the emotion in their voices. For me, this song as a plea not to give up—even though social distancing has to be an essential part of our lives—and to remember that we are all connected. A part of that connection is the social responsibility that we have towards each other to do our utmost to keep each other safe. In that regard we are truly NOT alone.”

As always, The Lyric Theatre Singers take this opportunity to bring awareness to those in need during the continued Covid-19 crisis, and invite citizens to donate to The Depot, a Montreal community food centre which, for more than 30 years, continues to make a substantial difference in the lives of many.

— The Lyric Theatre Singers

— AB

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