The bantam ‘B’ Laval-Est Voltigeurs took down a giant last Wednesday evening as they defeated the Laval-Nord Canadiens 1-0 at Place Bell.

“They’re a first place team, so for us it was a really big win for our team and the spirits are really high in that room right now – I’m really proud for the boys,” said Laval-Est head coach Bobby Termine.

The Canadiens were enjoying an undefeated season until they came up against the Voltigeurs. The game was a bitter battle until the very end with both teams using their physicality and speed to open up the ice.

However, it came down to a stellar goaltending duel between Laval-Est’s Michael Ferrera and Laval-Nord’s Lucas Payette. The Voltigeurs don’t have many wins this season, but Ferrera is always working hard to bail out his teammates.

“Despite the score, he gives us a chance every game,” Termine said. “He shows up every practice, works hard, every game he’s really focused and we’re proud of him.”

The game came down to a delayed whistle and a grinding effort from the Voltigeurs, as Hugo Larin pounced on a loose puck in crease. The loss may have ruined their perfect record, but Canadiens head coach Matthew Caetano says it’s an opportunity to improve.

“We worked hard, unfortunately we didn’t get the goal today, we have to make some adjustments for the next game to bring it better offensively and position ourselves better in the offensive zone,” he said.

Caetano tipped his hat to both goaltenders after the game. Although he didn’t face many shots, Payette kept Laval-Nord in the game, especially during a flurry of chances in the first period.

But Caetano says most of the credit goes to Ferrera. The Laval-Est ‘keeper was sharp for all 60 minutes and robbed the Canadiens on several occasions in the third period. He wants to move on quickly from the loss and use it as a positive learning experience.

“It’s not about how we start; it’s about how we finish,” said Caetano. “We have some big tournaments coming up, and the season is really long, so we want to bounce back from this one and take it better in the next game.”

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