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Team: Alexa Barron, Laura Bérubé, Jacklyn Otha, Andrea Hevia, Kaitlyn Gibson, Marie-Li Lapierre, Lauren Matthews, Quiauna Johnson, Claudia Gagnon, Chloe Hamelin, Alexandra Trahan, Sandrine Bernard, Deandra Heaney, Jessica Gosselin, Frédérike Lague-Lalonde, Amy Michon-Hughes, Kayla Audet, Sydney Fewtrell, Kaitlyn Angell, Kelly Chiavaro. Coahces: Saadia Ashraf, head coach; Shawna Anderson, Assistant Coach; Alia Palmer, Assistant Coach.

courtesy JAC Athletics

Last Wednesday, after a hurried start to the night game, the Islanders kept their composure and beat St. Laurent 43-0. The offense finally had a consistent game dropping only 13 passes out of 45. QB Andrea Hevia completed 32 of 45 passes for 370 yards, 5 TD’s, two 1pt converts, one 2pt convert, and she rushed for one TD. Marie-Li Lapierre had a great game with 7 catches for 127 yards, 1 TD and one 2pt convert. Kelly Chiavaro continues to be the team’s top possession receiver, making big catches on 3rd and 4th downs. She finished the game with 6 catches for 67 yards and two TD’s. Rookie Kayla Audet keeps up with her impressive performances and had 6 catches for 46 yards and a 1 pt convert. Lauren Matthews and Amy Michon-Hughes also had TD’s. Chiavaro also contributed with a kick in the endzone for 1 point.

Defensively, the Islanders put in another outstanding performance, shutting the Patriotes down. Chloe “BB” Hamelin had 4 flag pulls and 2 passes knocked down. Sandrine Bernard had 2 flags a knockdown. Chiavaro and Jacky Otha had interceptions. Laura Berube had 3 QB sacks.

In the first game of a double header on Sunday, the Islanders beat Granby 39-0. Hevia was 43 of 62 for 490 yards, 6 touchdowns, and three 1pt converts. Lapierre dominated this game with 14 catches for 158 yards, 3 touchdowns and two 1 pt converstions. Frederike Lague-Lalonde had 7 catches for 148 yard and two TD’s.

For the third game in a row, the Islander defense was not scored upon. Chloe Hamelin had 3 flags and 2 knockdowns, Jessica Gosselin had 5 flags, 2 knockdowns, and 1 interception. Lapierre also contributed with an interception on a tip from teammate Sydney Fewtrell. Laura Berube had 5 flags, 1 knockdown, and 1 QB sack. Alexa Barron had 2 knockdowns and as a rusher had one blocked kick.

In their second game of the day, the Islanders had a shaky start on offence but eventually came through and dominated the game. Hevia was 33 of 51 for 484 yards and 7 touchdowns, one 1pt convert, and one 2 pt convert. In the last three days, Hevia and the Islander offense accumulated over 1340 yards throwing. Big games were had once again by Chiavaro who had 5 catches for 100 yards, 2 touchdowns, and a 1pt convert and Lague-Lalonde who had 6 catches for 102 yards, 1 TD and she threw a 1 point conversion pass for 5 yards! Claudia Gagnon also had a big game with 6 catches for 60 yards, 2 TD’s  and a 2pt convert.

The Islander defense has been strong and really playing as a unit. Barron had a great day and capped it off with a flag pull and two knockdowns, Hamelin had 3 flags and an interception on a kick off return, Deandra Heaney and Fewtrell had an interception each. Alex Trahan had 2 flags, 1 knockdown, and one catch on offense for 35 yards. Gosselin also contributed with 5 flags, and a 34 yard catch on offense. Sandrine Bernard had a great game at rush with 4 QB sacks.

courtesy JAC Athletics

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