Zoe Boosamra’s hat trick led the Sacred Heart Saints girls hockey team to a 3-1 win against the St. Thomas Knights at Kirkland Arena on Wednesday.

Boosamra scored in the first period and added two more goals in the second as Sacred Heart improved to 3-0-1 through its first four games.

“It’s a bunch of older girls on the team and I feel like that’s what has really been helping us, just the size and the experience over the other teams,” Boosamra said. “We all started off pretty young but we built our team from scratch from five years ago to what it is today. And we’re finally getting the success that we need.”

The win followed a 4-4 tie against Kuper Academy the previous day after a pair of wins.

“I really think that combined effort is what’s doing it for us,” coach Ryan Rodin said. “It’s really not only our top players scoring, everybody’s putting in the exact right amount of effort and going to the right places to score those goals. And it’s not always about the goals. It’s about the girls who go in front of the net to screen the goal. It’s about the girls who are there chipping away at the rebounds. And we have a great defensive corps who are always getting back.”

Danica Watson scored on a breakaway in the second for St. Thomas, which has younger players staking their places after some key components graduated after last season.

“I love the chemistry on our team,” Knights coach Lars Nyberg said. “We’ve got a hard working team, they’re bringing it every shift, and the difference between us and most teams is they’ve got two or three of those girls that can break it open on any given play on their own. We don’t have that player. We are the Montreal Canadiens. We’re relying on good goaltending. We’re relying on the lunch pail, come into work every day and fighting, forechecking, backchecking, and then getting the garbage goal, or in this case, the beautiful goal from Danica.”

“But it has the potential to be a long year because I don’t know how long I can keep them super enthusiastic and bringing that full effort week after week when we don’t have a win yet. So it was a good effort. And in there, the mood is good. I love what I see from these girls.”

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