Rive-Sud’s team struck gold on Saturday when they took Fabrose down 3-0 in PLSQ play.

Fabrose’s Phiseline Michel got a red card early in the first half, which gave Rive-Sud the edge they needed for their head start. Karima Lemire was able to get the team’s first goal, followed by another by Karina Fortier.

“We were a bit lucky with the red card the other team got at the beginning of the game which let us have every girl on the team hit the field and rotate the team,” said Rive-Sud coach Marcelo Corrales. “It helped us take advantage of the game.”

But, Rive-Sud had another advantage over Fabrose: they had more players. While Rive-Sud were able to make use of every player on their team, Fabrose had injured players and were left playing 10 to 11.

By the end of the first half, Stefanie Kouzas had brought her team to three points—making it hard for Fabrose to come back in the second.

The teams spent most of the second half competing in the mid-field, but neither were able to keep an edge.

“We came to win, we were playing at home,” said Fabrose coach Rabah Benlarbi.

He said that after the red card, the team had to adjust and find new solutions to try and counter their opponents, but weren’t able to capitalize.

“We went forward a bit too hard and threw some passes that weren’t strategic,” he said. “So it’s unfortunate, but we have time left to the season.”

The Rive-Sud women undeniably had great control over the ball, played well within the lines, and were strategic in their kicks and passes.

“We stuck to our principles: build from the back, keeping the ball low, pass in the middle, and not lose the ball too often, which the girls did,” he said. “Our confidence is building and we’re working hard throughout the season to keep this young team competitive.”

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