The LaSalle Rapides U12 girls’ soccer team came back and scored just in time to recover from conceding what would have been a costly late goal.

Alessia Matrisciano restored LaSalle’s one-goal lead when she scored moments before the final whistle to give the Rapides a 3-2 win against the Dorval Tigers at Surrey Park on Wednesday night.

“We really worked hard for this and we really wanted it, and the outcome was really nice for us, so we were really happy,” LaSalle captain Ariana Mannetta said. “Time didn’t matter to us, as long as we worked together, we could do it. There was just so much pressure and so much passing, it was really exciting.”

Matrisciano’s winning goal came shortly after Dorval’s Roma Guenette scored her second goal of the game to tie it at 2-2

“That was tough,” Tigers co-coach Patrick Walsh said. “There were some mistakes that hurt us. It was a good game for both sides. We didn’t give up.”

Guenette gave Dorval a 1-0 lead in the first before LaSalle’s Mathilde Mecteau scored to tie it at 1-1. Lucia De Fazio’s goal gave the Rapides a 2-1 lead early in the second half.

“It was a good game,” LaSalle coach Sero Frascione said. “It was back and forth, and we capitalized. I found when we moved the ball and we played and were able to touch five, six, seven passes consecutively, we were playing our game.”

And more than coming back from the win, the Rapides coach was pleased with the level of play and the progress that has been made by players on both teams.

“I think tonight the real winners were the parents,” Frascione said. “To see 20 players on the field giving it all for their teams, for their parents and friends, there was some good soccer. And I’m good friends with Mara Welch, the coach of Dorval. We’ve been together since U-9, so it’s nice to see the kids develop throughout the years. And next year, it will be a big year, we’ll see some real soccer, it will be 11 versus 11. But tonight, it’s a transition year for us, it’s our first year in Division 1, so it’s actually my first game with my full roster because of vacations and injuries. So it was a good feeling to have everybody on the field.”

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