Pitching was the name of the game for Pierrefond’s Midget A team on Tuesday night. Pitcher Matthew Erskine—who played six innings—led his team to a 13-6 win 13-6 over Saint-Laurent.

Coach Pierre Lefrançois praised Erskine’s control and command of the ball, and he was on fire with fastballs.

Pierrefond’s defence was also highly efficient, which helped the well-rounded team strike gold.

“Our strategy is very simple: we need to be on all game,” said Lefrançois. “I think we did that today. We stole bases early in the game, we took the lead. The game plan is to make sure the team is ready to play and of course pitching like that helps.”

Saint-Laurent, on the other hand, lacked that same intensity. Though they tried to come back and were able to score some runs and walks later in the game, it came too late. Mistakes on the bat and a weaker defence held the team back.

“They didn’t execute the way I know they can offensively,” said coach Fabien Dunstan. “We made mental mistakes, mistakes you can’t win with. Pierrefonds is a really good team so you need to play a really good game to beat them.”

Pierrefonds, Lefrançois said, had had a rough few games leading up to Tuesday. As the team had gotten tired, he said the win had perfect timing and was great for the team’s morale.

As the team steadily gears up for regionals, Dunstan said Saint-Laurent won’t be held down by their loss. They have an idea of what they need to do to move towards regionals: more offence, better bats, a more solid defence, and to keep up the solid pitching they’ve had all year.

“This is a building step,” said Dunstan.

As for Lefrançois, he just wants to see the team to stay like this moving forward—keeping up their intensity and having fun.

“It’s all I really want,” he said.

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