Despite Sunday’s freezing rain, the Phoenix des Rivieres were able to start their season off the right way with their 2-0 win over MRO.

It was the first game of the season for both feminine AAA senior soccer teams, and it seemed like the girls were still trying to find their footing. There was a lot of back and forth, but ultimately the Phoenix rose to the occasion.

Ariane Dore and Megane Roy were able to score for the Phoenix in the first half of the game, securing the win.

MRO came back stronger in the second half and kept pushing Phoenix back into their zone, but they were unable to capitalize on the opportunities they created.

“It was hard at first, but I think that in the second half we were able to have more control over the match,” said MRO coach Ivan Tchesnovsky. “I think we had a lot of opportunities and it’s a shame that we had so many off-sides.”

He said that their strong suits were in their passes and circulation.

“It was the first match of the season so it’s a good omen,” he said. “We had to break the ice. The more we play the better the team will stand together. The best is yet to come.”

Phoenix coach Francois Ouellet was proud of his team, but also took it as a troubleshooting opportunity to see what the team will need throughout the season. He said pacing and ball recovery were the team’s strong suits but that he wants to work on cohesion and communication between players.

“My team is new and young, so it wasn’t easy. I saw some really good performances today and I’m obviously very proud of them. With a new team, cohesion can be hard, but we were able to create opportunities and that made the difference,” he said. “ We still have lots to work on.”

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