Though Mirabel’s U13M AA soccer team lost 2-1 to Fabrose on Sunday, the team keeps its high spirits.

Being a dynamic and competitive team, they only are more motivated and willing to fight the rest of the season, said coach Nicolas St-Pierre.

When it came time to hit the turf, Mirabel knew that they had more than one challenge to face: Fabrose is a big team, and their club has a strong reputation. And, Mother Nature was not on their side as it rained throughout the game.

“I think we had a plan to respect, but it was more winging it than [following it],” said St-Pierre. “We know Fabrose has a really good reputation as a club and we wanted to show our abilities and that we can do well, we have a project, and a vision.”

Fabrose did live up to their reputation. They competed fiercely and capitalized on their team’s speed and strength.

Mathis Delva and Aymeric Gaudreault both scored, leading their team to victory. But, Mirabel stayed strong and Nathan Chatenet got a goal in.

“The boys gave it their all It’s no surprise that the weather conditions made it tough, it was raining, it wasn’t ideal,” said St-Pierre. “But they did their best, played a good match, and it was a good match for the parents [to watch]. The score still ended very tight.”

The coach maintains that his teams’ mentality is what will propel them forward this season.

“We have a great team dynamic, if there’s anything it’s that the boys are so persevering and are so into their zone, they never stop, never give up,” he said. “It’s a team that is mentally strong. If there’s a match plan and a team that never gives up, it’s our team. It’s a team that’s very determined.”

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