The atom ‘A’ Laval Sharks downed St-Eustache 5-0 on Sunday afternoon at Place Bell, as penalties mired the away team, who also failed to generate significant offense.

“It went really well, the girls played as a team and I think that was the key today,” said Sharks assistant coach Chantal Aubry. “They had a lot of speed and a lot of teamwork, but 5-0 is just a number, I’m just glad they had fun on the ice.”

St-Eustache accumulated eight penalty minutes against the Sharks. Although Laval only capitalized once on the power play, the penalties often stalled St-Eustache’s sputtering offense.

Annabel Morin opened the scoring at the 6:43 mark of the first half. Once Laval got the ball rolling, there was no stopping them. Three minutes later, Mathilde Préville put the Sharks up 2-0 – her first of two in the game.

Penalties only became a real issue for St-Eustache in the second half. They took three consecutive penalties, one of them being a double minor. Delfina Papapostolou popped in the ring in the dying second of the first penalty at 11:58 in the second half.

Papapostolou and Préville each added another goal before the final buzzer sounded off. They carried their team to an important victory and combined for five points – Papapostolou assisted Préville on the final goal of the game.

The Sharks are finally coming together and Aubry credits a lot of their success to a committed and smart coaching staff. But she also notes the girls have grown throughout the last few months. They’re playing as a team and it’s translating on the ice.

“All season you could see their skating is getting better and their situational play is getting better,” said Aubry. “We also have an excellent coaching staff who support the girls, which is another key this season.”

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