The LaurenHill Academy Lynx juvenile girls soccer team had a really good reason to celebrate last Tuesday.

Teah Parravano scored the only goal for LaurenHill in the GMAA final against the West Island College Voyageurs, and that was enough to claim the league title in a 1-0 win for the Lynx on the synthetic pitch in Dollard des Ormeaux.

“I was so happy,” Parravano said after she and her teammates received their championship banner. “You know we haven’t won in a very long time, LaurenHill Academy, and it’s my last year of high school, so I’m very proud that we won in my last game in high school.”

Parravano’s goal in the first half held up the rest of the way despite a number of solid scoring opportunities for West Island College, including a shot that struck the crossbar which would have tied the game five minutes after the Voyageurs fell behind.

“We were so happy that Teah took the opportunity because it was a beautiful goal,” LaurenHill coach Desiree Kregar said. “But really the other team was fantastic, too. They were really on it so we felt like, ‘O.K., this is going to be a one-goal thing.’ We even kept telling ourselves, ‘Girls, don’t hype up too much because they can easily score.’ And thankfully our goalie was able to stop everything.”

Lynx goalkeeper Émilie Joly Hollerich posted a clean sheet and claimed game MVP honours.

“We hit many shots, we kicked many, many, many times, they just weren’t going in,” West Island College coach Cleoshyra Castaneda said. “The girls played extremely well. They played hard, they communicated, they passed, they used their center really well, their wings; I have no complaints. My team played a phenomenal game, the shots just weren’t going in.”

The one shot that did go in belonged to Parravano, and that made all the difference in winning a title for LaurenHill rather than falling short of the goal.

“They’ve been wanting it so bad, the championship,” Kregar said. “A lot of them are in Secondary V, so for them it was really important. And school soccer in general, you know, these kids they come and they just love playing on the school team because you’re representing your school, you’re playing with your friends, so it means a lot to them.”

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