Lakeshore’s U14F soccer team was on fire Thursday, taking Saint-Laurent down 3-0.

“I think today’s game unfolded well, we played the strategy that we came in with and the girls took it to heart and executed how we wanted them to,” said Lakeshore coach Jeff Haynes.

Saint-Laurent tried their best to compete, but after Charlie Whitter scored for Lakeshore, their energy went down.

Lakeshore dominated the middle of the field. They then spent the game playing it out, taking the ball to the corners, and creating scoring opportunities—and capitalizing on them.

Though Saint-Laurent coach Rocco Panza wants to see his team’s passes and moving improve, he is proud of his defensive court.

“[The game] was not bad, we could’ve done better. We didn’t play full game, maybe 45 minutes of the game and we stopped forcing the play up front,” he said. “We kept them at bay and prevented them from scoring so many more goals.”

In the second half, Hailey Neil and Rosemary Johnson went in for the kill, bringing their team to a 3-0 victory with their high energy and swiftness on the turf.

“Going forward we have an idea of where our strengths are and where we can succeed best and it should make our season a productive one,” said Haynes.

Despite the team’s victory, he wants to see the girls challenge themselves still. He said the coaches would like to practice playing out the back more “to control zones one and two and then hold it until an opportunity opens up, then we can go on the attack.”

As for Panza, he was glad to see his whole team come together.

“I think we will be encouraged and be better as a team,” he said. “It’s our first games and we will improve quite a lot.”

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