The final outcome was never in doubt for the Lakeshore U-9 girls soccer team’s game against the MRO Griffons last Tuesday night.

The only question was how many goals Lakeshore would score. The answer? Nine.

“They are a very good technical, tactical team,” Lakeshore coach Les Wiseman said. “The ball moves well, they’ve had a lot of success this year, individually and as a team. So the development is excellent so far this season.”

In addition to scoring nine times, Lakeshore did not concede a goal in the 9-0 win against MRO at Shannon Park.

“The result is not a surprise,” Wiseman said. “That is just hard work in practices, hard work in the games, unselfishness. You can see a lot of ball movement, getting everybody involved, some goals being scored from the defenders as well, so the ball’s really moving around nicely.”

Livia Nadeau had a hat trick, and Olivia Cullen, April Marsala, Nikita Sappier, Mia Tadros, Katia Vidicek and Elle Wiseman also scored for Lakeshore.

“For me the score is not important, it’s the development and how we’re progressing as a group,” Wiseman said. “Team unity, camaraderie, they work well as a group. The team as a whole enjoy each other, they play for each other, so it’s a very easy team to coach and I’m enjoying it very much. The coaching staff, we’re having a great season.”

The Griffons had to deal with absences, including their head coach.

“With vacations it gets very difficult for us during the summer,” MRO assistant coach Laurent Chevrot. “So, no, the result is not a big surprise. We hoped it would be a bit better but we knew it was going to be difficult with the number of players we were missing. It’s a bit disappointing for them but it’s not the most important thing for these girls. And that’s how we explain it to them, as well. What we want is for them to try to play well, to try to get better. And if the result is there, better still. But if not, it’s not the end of the world.

“We see that they’re developing with respect to their level of intelligence about the game. We see them becoming more aggressive and better in their passing. At this level it’s all about development, so that’s the most important thing.”

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