Coming out of the Rosemont tournament undefeated, Lakeshore’s Midget baseball team kept up their hot streak with a striking 15-2 victory over LaSalle Thursday night.

“I’m lucky this year, the team is really good, a hard-hitting team,” said Lakeshore coach Andrew Wight.

“They hit very well tonight, we have two home runs, we built up a big lead, our pitching was solid, and so was our defence. So yeah, it was a good game tonight.”

Second-base player Matthew Donato stood out on Thursday with a grand-slam homerun. Their pitching was also solid with their closer, Nick Berube, came in and finished it off quickly. Harrison Loo also shined when he hit two long balls to left-field.

“Our strategy entering the game was to not look for walks, to play hard and swing the bat and take the opportunity to hit as much as you could,” said Wight. “They did that tonight, they hit really well.”

But, Lakeshore did have an advantage in numbers as LaSalle was only playing with eight players that night.

“I found the game went well, we pitched well. But, we gave way too many outs,” said LaSalle assistant coach Rob Cerminara. “Other than that they played well, but the game got away from us. Hopefully next time we play Lakeshore we’ll play them a little bit tougher.”

He commanded his team for their hustle, but emphasized the need to keep going full-throttle when being down by a lot of points.

“Moving forward, they gave a good effort today but not enough, we have to give a harder effort and concentrate,” said Cerminara.

Despite being happy for the win, Wight worries that their status as being undefeated this season will get to the players’ head.

“What I’m concerned about is that they’ll start to think they’re a really wonderful team and stop playing good ball. It’s always a risk when you’re on a hot streak,” he said.

“They are a wonderful team, but I don’t want them to think that.”

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