The Lac St-Louis Regional Soccer Associating is holding their 31st National Outdoor Tournament on June 15-16th.

“We’re very excited and it’s nice to see that were still going from when we started,” said Chair of the LSL tournament Fay Blenkhorn. “It’s exciting to see all the teams come out and everybody work together to put on this tournament for our players.”

The tournament is one of the biggest in the province. Lac St-Louis has the largest base of soccer players in Quebec with 23,000 players that play in the region.

The outdoor tournament began at the regional level and grew to include teams from Quebec, Ontario and Eastern Canada. It started as the only one of its kind until additions of Laval and Victoriaville.

“We helped develop both the boys and girls categories,” said Blenkhorn. “It’s a good chance for teams to come play against our players and see how everyone stacks up.”

It continues to grow in size, 200 teams and almost 4,000 players are expected. There’s a festival for U8 and competitive games for categories U9 to senior. It’s a good chance for many of the younger player to see game action when they’re normally focusing on development and skills.

The games are being played throughout the city in LaSalle, Lachine, Pointe Claire, Dollard and Pierrefonds. The 15 regional clubs help volunteer, it takes close to 200 people to ensure the tournament runs smoothly. It’s also aided by sponsors like Subways, Lafleurs, Expresco and IGA.

“At the regional level we’re all about developing our players, we want our players to learn and we want them to have good competition,” said Blenkhorn. “We also want to develop a regional spirit, working together to a common goal; I think it provides positive spirit in soccer.”

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