John Rennie High School took care of business Thursday afternoon against the LCC Lions, beating them 42-23. It was a great game on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball for John Rennie. It was LCC’s first game of the season and they knew they came away knowing they have work to do in order to get better as the season goes on.

“It was our first game of the season, so the girls are still getting used to each other,” explained LCC head coach Maxine Rupert. “We had a couple of moments where we looked pretty good on offense and I’m excited to see where the team goes from here.”

The first quarter of the game saw very little offense from both clubs, while both teams were great on defense. John Rennie held LCC to only two points going into the first break, while scoring nine of their own.

The second quarter was again a defensive battle, but LCC’s number 19, Lauren Steinberg did everything she could in order to keep her team in the game after the second quarter. She finished the half with seven points and four rebounds.

“Our defense was exceptional all afternoon,” expressed John Rennie head coach Caitlin Archipow. “Defense has been our key to winning games so far this year. It was important to keep up the pressure and force turnovers.”

The third quarter was where John Rennie took over the game. They held LCC to seven points, while scoring 15 points of their own. Liberty Budman and Asia Thorne dominated the quarter, both scoring seven points.

It was too little too late for LCC, as they were too far behind to catch up in the fourth quarter and ultimately ended up losing the game by 19 points.

Maxine Rupert praised her team for keeping their heads up and not backing down even though they never led in the game. “We never gave up and I think that’s what is most important after a loss like this. I think we will rebound nicely.”

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