The Villa Maria High School Lynx are putting up impressive numbers this season in the bantam ‘D3’ b-division, but they set a new team high when they defeated the a-division Kuper Academy Kodiaks 49-10 last Wednesday evening.

The Lynx devoured a shorthanded Kodiaks squad. They dominated the rim on both ends of the court and their offense reached its most lethal point of the season. Villa coach Anna Ailamakis said the goal was to enter the holiday break on a positive note.

“We told them that it’s our last game and to end strong before the holidays come,” said Ailamakis. “They did really well, I can’t complain and I’m very proud of my little girls.”

Despite their 5-2 record, the young coach says the team is in fact undefeated. They were given to default losses, but the girls still feel like they haven’t lost yet. The important thing now is to remain focused on the rest of the season, she says.

The Lynx dominated against the Kodiaks, refusing to let their opponents score more than five baskets in four quarters. But with winter break on the horizon, Ailamakis says the team will be rusty when they return, so she plans to keep them sharp when they get back.

“Their cardio is going to be really bad after coming back from eating, so we’ll work on that; shooting, foul shots, passing and team communication – that’s key,” Ailamakis said.

While Kuper suffered its biggest loss of the season, head coach Kim Day isn’t stressing about the outcome, or the effects it might have on the team. Day says the Kodiaks are strong-minded and aware of their situation as a relatively untested squad.

“They’re a new team, a lot of these girls have never played basketball, but they go out, they fight and they don’t give up,” Day said. “They don’t let their spirits get them down and that speaks way higher than winning a game.”

Wednesday’s loss was Kuper’s third of the season. But at 2-3, they are still in a favourable position to make playoffs. The team is always motivated and oozing with character, says Day, so they’ll come back from the break ready to learn.

Next up, Kuper faces ECS on January 7. Villa is back on January 17, also against ECS.

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