There was no better way to end the four game set of the latest Expos Fest event to benefit the Kat D DIPG Foundation at the Montreal Children’s Hospital commemorating the Montreal Expos’ 50th anniversary than where it all began at Parc Jarry. Last Sunday afternoon’s game pitted former Expos Bill Lee, Curtis Pride, Claude Raymond, Brad Wilkerson, David Segui and Denis Boucher who were joined by the Habs’ Stéphane Richer, plus celebrity players Benoît Rioux, Annakin Slayd, JP Bertrand, Matthew Ross, Jeremy Filosa and Elias Makos to face the Expos Fest All-Stars. The end result was three wins in Quebec City, Granby and at Jarry, with a rainout in Gatineau.”Apart from a rainout in Gatineau, our Quebec tour was a 100% success,” Perry Giannias said. “We raised 23 000$ for our foundation while making Expos fans dreams come true in Quebec City, Granby and Montreal.”The real winner is the Kat D DIPG foundation as the monies will go towards research into this rare childhood cancer that is a death sentence. Laval’s Perry Giannias, better known as Perry G, the driving force behind the foundation that has raised over 550,000$ in the memory of his niece Catherine “Kat” Demes, who passed away from DIPG in 2015 at the age of 5. Prior to the first pitch, Giannias announced, “that we are committed to raising one-million dollars for the research into DIPG and all children’s brain tumours.” The sold-out crowd at Jarry Park was treated to some fun, nostalgia, a few shots over the fences from Brad Wilkerson, Curtis Pride and David Segui, plus the always entertaining running commentary by Bill Lee. “This has been great being part of this event,” former first baseman David Segui said. “Montreal got a bad rap, it is definitely a baseball city with very knowledgeable fans. I lived downtown and would take the Metro to the stadium and it was always great to talk with the fans” This is the first Expos Fest event that Segui has attended but he definitely won’t hesitate to make a return to the city. “It is a sad reason we have to have these events,” Segui said. “Sad so it makes it necessary to do them to help in the research and hopefully eventually a cure.” For Perry Gee and his family and the dedicated extended family it was another great event but the job isn’t done as Perry and his team set their sights on that $1,000,000 target.

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