Everybody out of the pool ALPS competitive season a no go

The cancellation of the ALPS season will leave 4,500 youths high and dry in synchronized swimming, diving water polo and swim disciplines.

A summer staple for more than six decades has been the Association of Lakeshore Pools (ALPS) weekly competitions that would culminate with the championships in swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming come August. The outdoor season has been the launching pad for many high performance athletes, including several Olympians, in those four disciplines. The kids are encouraged to try all the sports and elite athletes enjoy the fun aspect of competing in the meets. Unfortunately this tear those events have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This will impact 22 member pools ranging from Westmount to Hudson and some 4,500 youths who take part in the popular meets. “We were trying to hold off until later into May,” John Rogers, vice-president of ALPS said. “But there was no clarity as to when the pools would open and from a health standpoint things were looking worse and worse.” The ALPS’ committee was dealing with the health and safety aspects as well as potential scheduling ramifications. “”Some pools are private, some municipal, some might not open at all,” Rogers said.”It would depend when Montreal (pools) would open, when Pointe Claire would open, there could be no definite guideline as to when they could all open.” The city of Pointe Claire for example is going through the annual preparation of its seven pools so that when Quebec gives the okay, the pools will be good to go. The different disciplines and the social aspect of the meets made it a necessary decision as well. “At synchro meets you have the families, the grandparents all wanting to see the routines,” he said. “Swim meets you have 18 officials across six lanes and how do you establish social distancing in water polo matches. ALPS and the member clubs will use the time to plan for how things will need to be run in the future. “Competitions have only been put on pause,” he said. “We are looking towards 2021 as now we have the chance to work on the logistics.”

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