Etoiles de l’Est outshined Fabrose when they faced off for the first time in Sunday’s U13M AA soccer game.

“There were two halves to our performance,” said Fabrose coach Mohamed Chenaa. “At first, we were in our places, we were able to counter the other team. But then, our physique, the players’ physique, it went down and the other team scored.”

Despite the rain, Etoiles de l’Est were able to keep a strong possession over the ball. Fabrose, who didn’t have any players on the bench, tired out quickly and it became difficult to keep up.

Their strategy was simple: trying to maintain possession as much as possible, move the ball to the net, then take advantage of their chances once in front of the net, said coach Ousmane Dieng.

“Our group is a very technically group, one that maintains possession well,” he said. “Physically, we can battle one on one, so overall we can move forward with the ball, or recuperate when we lose the ball, and react quickly when we can get the ball.”

Fabrose’s strong suits are in the short plays, as they move quickly. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to showcase that in Sunday’s game.

“I don’t think today will reflect the rest of our season, we will ameliorate and that’s what we work for,” said Chenaa.

Both teams learned from each other, having never faced off before.

“I think today’s game was difficult just because it was a team we never played before, so I’m happy the boys reacted the way they did during the game and if we can carry that forward against other opponents we don’t know, they’ll do well,” said Dieng.

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