The St. George’s Dragons midget girls basketball team capped a perfect first half of the season with a fifth straight win.

Ava Green led the way for St. George’s with 19 points in a 24-21 win at Beaconsfield High School on Monday to give the Dragons a 5-0 record heading into the holiday break.

“I try to go in with no expectations,” St. George’s coach Patrick Powell said. “I knew we were short handed so I just wanted us to play our 100 percent. When I saw the size of the other team I was a little nervous tight. We have a lot of grade seven girls on our team so we’re very undersized, but our big girls did a good job of contributing and helping make up defensively. So it was closer than I thought but it ended up well.”

High on Powell’s wish list for the second half of the season would be seeing some of Green’s teammates contributing a bit more offence.

“I just want to see everyone’s game get a little bit better and everyone try to shoot a little more

because right now we’re focused on one girl, that’s our main scorer, and the rest kind of are deferring to her,” Powell said. “I just want everyone to try to open up their games and then try to score as much as possible. Ava is our main scorer but if our big players can maybe start making a couple layups a little jump shots, then take some pressure off for her, and we’ll be okay.”

While only three players contributed points for the Dragons, the Bisons had seven players record points, including Lindsay Couturier, who led the way with six points.

Beaconsfield coach Sophie Averback felt her players underestimated their opponent’s lack of size but came up with a strong effort.

“I felt like they were really in it today,” Averback said. “So if they keep showing up, if they keep giving it their 100 percent energy, really as much effort as they can, that’s what I hope for the second half and the rest of the season.”

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