It was a tight race as Monteuil and Delta faced off in what ended in a 2-1 game in Delta’s favour.

With Monteuil being the first team in the league, Delta were ready to fight tooth and nail for their victory.

“We played against the first place team, they’re a great team,” said Delta coach, Antonios Vourliotis. “But, my team put it together, played with heart, and the results were there. When you play with heart, every shift counts, and good things happen.”

The game started off slow. Antonio Buffone scored for Delta nine minutes into the first period. Then, Luca Perugini scored for Monteuil in the second, and by third period it was anyone’s game.

Finally, Buffone scored again, cementing the game’s final 2-1 score.

Sebastien Fabre, Monteuil’s coach, was impressed with Delta’s goalie, James Bonfitto.

“Even though we lost 2-1, we still dominated the ice,” he said. “The other team’s goalie was very very good. Usually we score more than once in a match, we had a great season, but their goalie stole the game.”

He added that the team had been working very hard on their defence, making it difficult for Delta to create scoring opportunities. Despite this, Monteuil themselves had a hard time getting the puck in the net.

“They scored twice out of four chances in total during the match,” he said.

“We missed a few chances on offense. We lacked in opportunism. It seems simple, but if we can’t do that we can’t win. We also had a few penalties which isn’t typically our thing.”

He stressed that the match didn’t reflect the rest of the season as they only last two matches in total, but that it’s a good thing to teach the kids how to lose as well.

Vourliotis attributed his team’s success to solid team play.

“We were skating back, pulp checking, skating forward, they did all the little things good,” he said.

“The difference between a good team and a great team is a good team does the little things well some of the time while a great team does the little things well all of the time. Today, they were a great team.”

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