It was a tough game between Delta and Fabrose’s U14F AA soccer teams on Saturday when they faced off in a nul 1-1 match.

It’s obvious that Delta’s strength lies in their ball control, which gave them the upper hand for the first half of the game.

Chloe Leclair scored for Delta in the first half, and the team spent most of their time in Fabrose’s zone—though their defence was able to hold Delta back.

“We’re very good on the attack, so if we can nourish that it will keep creating opportunities and getting us the goals we need,” said Delta coach Philippe Paquin. “We wanted to keep the pressure on the other team, and I think we did that. Strategically we did well, we needed more finish.”

In the second half, Fabrose’s Justice Menard went on the attack and brought the game to a tie.

“We told the girls to play high, at 11, to attack there and take advantage of counter-attacks. That’s how we got our goal, our player was very fast and she scored,” said Fabrose coach Michel Oumouna.

He added that his team has great chemistry as they’ve been playing together for years. Though he admits his team still has work to do with technique and tactic, their drive is part of their strength.

Oumana said he was impressed with the other team as well and thought the match was good for them both.

“The other team is strong, they keep the ball, and they were on the attack line,” he said. “They have girls who are very fast and who know how to keep the ball.”

But, Paquin felt the game should have tipped in Delta’s favour.

“It was a great match, the girls played well,” he said. “We would have liked to see them finish in front of the net, they created a lot of opportunities, but we ended up with a nul match when we should have had a victory.”

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