St Leonard’s Kiara Quieti and her artistic swimming team came home with a silver medal from the 2019 Canada Games in Red Deer, Alberta.

“I was very happy after obtaining the silver medal not only because going to the Canada Games was a big accomplishment for me but coming home with a medal was even better,” said Quieti. “All the sacrifices I made and the hours of training I put in paid off.”

The Canada Games only takes place every four years and the event features the best amateur athletes representing their province or territory. The team got together back in July when 10 girls were chosen to make Team Quebec and compete at the Sync Invitational Competition in Toronto.

“Throughout the whole summer we trained together and stayed in a hotel together and during our weekend practices when the season started we also stayed in a hotel together,” said Quieti. “We were basically together 24/7. All the girls got along and I think that’s what made us all get a lot closer and have a really strong bond with each other.”

The work put in was intense; Queiti would spend up to six hours a day in the pool to prepare while keeping up with schoolwork. The team got together for practice on various weekends in Montreal and Quebec.

The 16-year-old is also quick to point to the people who helped her and Team Quebec along the way. Her mother Tanya Crivello was a chaperone, driving and preparing home meals. Coach Nathalie Lagrange was also instrumental and was able to push the girls past their limits.

“She believes in me, she motivates me. I have had different coaches over the years that have helped me but I would say that Nathalie brought me to where I am today and not only am I a better swimmer but also a better person.”

The next big artistic swimming event will be qualifiers from March

27-31 at Claude Robillard Centre in Montreal. Quieti will be competing in the Duo Tech, Duo Free, Team Teach, Team Free and Combo events. The competition will determine she qualifies for the Canadian Championships in May held in Kamloops, British Columbia.

“I’m excited to compete my Montreal Synchro routines again and also to see the girls from Team Quebec who will be competing with their home clubs as well,” said Quieti.

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