The Brookwood midget AAA boys basketball team kept their record perfect in a matchup of previously-undefeated teams.

Christian Payawal led Brookwood with 31 points in their 99-71 win against the Laval Nobel at Secondaire des Sources in Pierrefonds on Sunday.

It was Brookwood’s third straight win to begin the season.

“Compared to the last two teams we played it was definitely a test,” Brookwood coach Kenny Clyke said. “We had pretty much blowouts before this, teams that couldn’t put a ball in the net, basically.”

The loss was Laval’s first in four games.

“If you look at the two teams that played today, if you look at the younger kids, they were in the (bantam) championship finals last year, Laval versus Brookwood,” Clyke said. “So a lot of these kids know each other from that game, so they have that intensity. There were a couple of technical fouls between kids today, it was those kids that were in that bantam level.

“So going into this game I knew they would put up a fight, I knew they weren’t going to just sit back and let everything happen. We just really showed up to play today. We were able to put the ball in the net.”

Brookwood got off to a fast start, running up a 10-0 lead, and never looked back, adding to its margin every quarter.

“I literally just told them that we had to start this game strong,” Clyke said. “We have to set a standard that this team coming into this game was doing really well against teams in the league. And we just wanted to set the tone that we’re a top team in this league and they have to earn that spot if they want that.”

Freud St-Félix led Laval with 18 points, just ahead of Jaylen Pierre, who scored 17.

“We think we lost the game in the first two minutes of the game,” Laval coach Alex Cabrera said. “We tried a man-to-man defence, but the guys always got beat on the first step. We have a young team, we’re trying to build something together. We told our kids we have to learn from our mistakes, we have to step up. I think we can play at this level but we have a lot to work on, playing defence and working as a team.”

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