The Brookwood Bullets juvenile AA boys basketball team came out strong and ran their game plan to a big win Sunday.

Brookwood was up 32 points on the St. Laurent Lynx by halftime on the way to a 94-60 win in Pierrefonds on Sunday.

“We have an athletic team so our guys like to run,” Bullets coach Tristan Wild said. “We always set a press early on for the start of the game and that’s how we like to run. So we stuck to the game plan, and that’s how we’re going to play for the rest of the year.”

Brookwood spread its offence throughout the lineup with six players scoring in double digits. Max Longchamp and Jackson Alexander each had 15 points to lead the Bullets, and Kyle Duval scored 14.

“The way we like to coach is that all 12 guys are participating and all 12 guys are contributing to the team,” Wild said. “So that’s the end goal. If I could have every single player contributing to the scoresheet, that would be awesome. If everybody’s scoring eight or 10 points, that’s awesome and it’s more fun for the players. So I’m proud of the guys.”

The win improved Brookwood’s league-leading record to 4-1, including a 65-61 win against the Downtown Community Blues at Dawson College on Saturday.

St. Laurent, which lost 70-55 to the Monarques on Saturday, fell to 1-4 through the first five games following the loss to Brookwood in the first meeting of the season between the two teams.

“I knew it was gonna be a tough game,” Lynx coach Kelvin Phillips said. “They normally have pretty big players and they’re pretty organized. “We had a lot of turnovers in the first half, which didn’t help us. That put us in a big hole than we couldn’t get out of. I tried to explain it to them throughout all the timeouts, and throughout halftime, as well.”

A.J. Kurbanali’s 16 points led St. Laurent’s offence, which picked up its pace in the third quarter.

“We started breaking the press, which was definitely encouraging,” Phillips said. “But then after a while we were hurting ourselves more on the offence and on the defence. Once you start turning over the ball again and the other team starts putting it in again in threes, then the score goes back up. We’ve just got to protect the ball and rebound more so we get more opportunities.”

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