It was a strong game for Blainville Saturday afternoon when they won the three points they needed to move forward in a 3-1 game against Etoiles De L’Est.

“It was a match we needed to win,” said coach Michael Lanoue.

“We knew we’d have two difficult games to play and we needed to win one of them, this being the second, so those three points were very important. It was a good team so it fares well for the rest of our season.”

Etoiles de L’Est had started on a strong footing when Liana Tarasco scored, followed by Lea Larouche. Larouche got a second goal by the end of the first half.

“It was a well balanced match. They scored a second goal on us and so my team felt that hit,” said Etoiles de L’Est coach Alfredo Fracassi.

While the teams were playing, parents in the stands argued with the referees, claiming that Etoiles de L’Est were playing rough, but no calls were made.

“In the second half, we tried to change tactics and we had a few scoring chances but didn’t capitalize on them,” said Fracassi. “When they hit us with their counter-attack, they finished the match with 3-1.”

Lanoue said he knew their competitors were a strong team who was very direct, and so they adjusted themselves accordingly.

“We were good with the ball, we adjusted our defence, we were effective in front of the net and got some goals in, so I think it was good. We really adapted and were intelligent with our tactics.”

Fracassi was just as impressed with the game’s results.

“It was a good match, great soccer,” he said. “We have to say we were against a very good team.”

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