The war stories were fresh for a change when the alumni gathered over drinks at the 40th edition of the Beaconsfield Kirkland Ringuette Association Tournament.

A special game was held to mark the tournament’s milestone anniversary with players spanning the generations competing against each other at Kirkland Arena on Saturday night.

“It was a 9-8 game so it worked out to be fairly balanced I would say,” said Sharon Tait, who organized the teams and played in the game. “I kind of know the majority of the players so I looked at balancing the teams in terms of skills because we had some players who are former Team Canada players and other players who the highest level they played was C. So we tried to balance it a little that way as well as positions, but also because it was a fun alumni game we tried to look at who did certain people play with to make sure that they had an opportunity to play with some of their teammates from the past.”

The game was a complete success as a showcase event for the tournament’s anniversary, to the point that there is talk of staging more alumni games in the future.

“It was a lot of fun,” Tait said. “It was fun playing, it was fun seeing everybody, the mixture of generations. We were having fun doing cheers like we used to do when we were young. We were doing, ‘Our team is red hot, let’s show them what we’ve got!’ And then the other team would try to get louder and louder.”

A total of 1,100 players took part in the tournament, with 82 teams competing and 165 games.

“I think it turned out really well,” BKRA president Dave Lee said. “And to do that on the Saturday night of our tournament at the eight o’clock time slot, it’s a signature game, so to have our alumni game there in that slot, it was pretty nice for the whole event. After the game all the players came up and it kind of reinvigorated the night. They were talking about people they hadn’t seen in years and reminiscing, and they were talking about the game and how they couldn’t score goals like they used to anymore. But they looked pretty good on the ice, if you ask me.”

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