With all the scoring chances on each side, even as time was winding down it was pretty clear that neither the Bialik Bulldogs nor West Island College Voyageurs juvenile boys soccer teams were going to settle for a scoreless tie.

In the end, it was Bialik’s Alan Berros who finally broke through and scored a goal late in the second half to give the Bulldogs a 1-0 win at West Island College on Wednesday.

“I asked the referee what would happen if the score was tied 0-0 at the end of the second half, and he told me the game would be over, it would be a draw, there would be no penalty kicks (shootout),” Berros said. “So I said to my teammates, ‘We have no choice, we have to score a goal.’ So we did everything we could to score that goal.

“I told the forward playing with me to take his time. He took his time, raised his head, we made the pass, then I went in there and scored.”

It was Bialik’s third win in four games.

“We’ve dominated play each game that we’ve played,” said Bulldogs coach Matthew Starr, who is Bialik’s athletic director. “They play as a team. They play really nicely as a unit, they do a lot of the good things that we ask of them during tryouts and practice in terms of spacing and formation, and they’re really just happy to play with each other and the team works well together.”

Both teams had a number of chances to score before Berros finally broke through. Matthew Kornfeld came close to giving the Voyageurs the lead when his shot struck the left post.

“I think we could have just played a little harder the entire game, maybe just focused more,” Kornfeld said.

It was West Island’s third straight loss.

“Definitely we lack some finishing,” Voyageurs coach Patrice Nantel said. “The past three games I’d say that’s the problem we have. We have players from midget and juvenile to form our squad because we don’t have enough players for a juvenile (team) and we don’t have enough players for a midget (team).

“So we end up with very good players that have small stature compared to others. But my guys are fierce and they want to win, but sometimes the ball doesn’t go your way.”

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