Dollard-des-Ormeaux’s Damian Loch is have a great season with the St Thomas Knights and recently had a standout performance against College de Montreal where he chewed up a lot of yardage while scoring two touchdowns as the team’s running back.

“Almost everything went well in that game. I was focused, well prepared and in my element all game long,” said Loch. “All I was thinking about was catching up to the other team one play at a time. My offensive line played a great game, setting up those blocks and gaps for me. Once you’re having a good game, it boosts your confidence and adrenaline making you play even better.

The 16-year-old is currently 5-foot-7, 155-pounds. And he’s definitely what you would call a quick learner. Loch just started playing football this year after previously playing rugby. His passion for that sport pushed him in the direction of football, something he wanted to try before graduating.

“In our first game of the season I really fell in love with the sport. It’s like rugby but has more strategy, plays and is fun,” said Loch. “The atmosphere that first game was nothing like any other sport I’ve played and I immediately fell in love with the game.”

Because of the unique nature of his position, Loch has to be a balanced athlete. He’s fast, agile, strong and determined on the field. Although inexperienced, he’s able to stop on a dime, change directions with ease and bolt through an opening in the blink of an eye. He never gives up on plays and is simply unpleasant to tackle because he doesn’t go down.

Even though Loch’s skill set is high, he realizes that there are areas in his game which he can greatly improve to be an even better player.

“I need to work on catching kicks and blocking during passing plays,” said Loch. “I can always improve my execution on the field, especially during my roles on special teams such as kickoffs, kick-returns, field goals and punt team. I’ve been practicing hard every weekday with St Thomas to become the best that I can be.”

And much like any great running back, Loch is humble and knows that his job wouldn’t be possible without a great offensive line in front of him.

“These guys deserve a lot more recognition than they get,” said Loch. They are the ones that give me gaps to run through and block for me. They get the dirty work done for me, giving me space to run through. I rely heavily on them, so if they have a good game, I have a good game and vice versa.”

The season is still young, but the St Thomas players already feel like they are building something special.

“I’m hoping to bring home a championship to St Thomas,” said Loch. “It’s been a few years since we’ve won and this year could definitely be it. We have a large team filled with plenty of talent and an amazing coaching staff as well. As long as we keep working hard, we can definitely win the championship.”

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