Manoir Kanisha: Experts in Pet Boarding and Pet Relocation services

Flight container for a bird. Selecting the height of the perch.

Our pets are like family, and their wellbeing is always a top priority. But what happens when you plan a vacation where you can’t bring your best friend? Or perhaps you must move to a faraway country and you want to ensure your pet is well taken care of before, during and after the relocation process. Manoir Kanisha is a most experienced and professional company. They will put your pet’s wellbeing, comfort and security before anything else.

Built on the grounds of Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Manoir Kanisha has been in business for three decades. From boarding to grooming  to Pet Relocation services, their standards are extremely high. Every day, to insure the best relocation process of your pet, they collaborate with many veterinarians as well as professional organizations such as CFIA, (Canadian Food Inspection Agency), the LAR/IATA (Live Animals Regulations Manual/International Air Transport Association),  the IPATA (International Pets and Animals Transportation Association), thus gaining a well-respected reputation not only in Montreal but all over the world.

 For air travel purposes, animals can be transported via three options:

1. Pet travelling as “excess luggage” meaning the pet is on the same flights as the passenger but is situated in the cargo section of the plane. The owner is responsible for their pet;

2. Pet travelling “in cabin” meaning the animal  is on the same flight as their owner in the passenger area. The owner is responsible for their pet;

3. Pet travelling “in cargo” is when the pet travels alone. Owner Nicole MacDuff explained, “Many times the owner travels before or after their pets, or they do not travel themselves but must relocate their animal to another person. In this case, the pet travels alone and the procedures are very different. The airline takes responsibility of the animal. The owner should use a professional pet relocator to assist them when the pet travels alone via the cargo system. This is to ensure the security and comfort of their beloved animal. Be aware that properly relocating your best friend is expensive. It may cost more than your own transport expenses.”

Some of the benefits of choosing a boarding facility like Manoir Kanisha is to insure the wellbeing, comfort and security of your best friend. They provide lots of space for each pet.

“This is what makes for a happy, healthy animal,” MacDuff said. “When clients come and visit, they see all the space, whether it’s for a Yorkie  a Great Dane or a Cat. There are lots of windows and natural light which is more comfortable and pleasant for pets.”

 The animals can get lots of exercise. For dogs, you can select a  dog condo (a private room with three walks a day) or a dog run. If you select a dog run, you’ll find large indoor and outdoor enclosures. They also create a personal relationship with all the animals by manipulating them frequently throughout the day. “There is a lot of interaction with our employees so the animals are not lonely and feel comfortable,” she added. “We also ask a lot of questions to the owners. We want to learn as much as we can. Our job is to replace the pet’s owner while they are temporarily unable to care for their pet.”

The employees observe each pet and truly understand animal behavior when they are in a boarding situation.

“When you board an animal, he may react differently than in his home environment.  A  sweet dog at home may become anxious in a boarding facility. It is our job to observe them well and make them feel at ease” said MacDuff. “Three times a day, we do a written report on every pet.  We share with all our Animal Pet Care Attendants how each animal eats, moves normally, urinates, defecates, relates to us etc.? If something is different than expected, we can react immediately.”

The training of our staff members is of the utmost importance. “When someone is hired at Manoir Kanisha, they are not only interviewed but they must do an observation day so they can really see and understand the various tasks, our values and how we take care of each animal, weather it is a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, rodent or reptile. All employees of Manoir Kanisha undergo a training period of three months where they learn how to properly observe animals in a boarding situation and learn to adapt the care for the needs of each pet”.

For more info on Manoir Kanisha, visit their website at or call 514-631-1755 between 08:00 - 12:30 or 1:30 - 6:00pm, 7 days a week.

Verify  modified business hours during legal holiday periods at chapter 16 of our website.

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