Thirty-five candles for Verti Store

For several years, Verti Store has had a store on the edge of Highway 13 in Laval. 

Celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, Verti Store has become a major player in the design, manufacture and sale of blinds, window coverings and draperies.

When the first branch opened in 1982 in Dorval, it employed about twenty staffers. Today, with six branches, including one in Florida and one in Laval, Verti Store employs more than 91 people. The owners have had the audacity to start a business in an area that was new to them, starting from zero, as some would say. But they had an idea and followed it through without ever losing sight of their goal.

Knowing how to adapt

In its 35 years, the company had to adapt to the many changes in the market. According to the owners, the industry has changed considerably in recent years. Consumers now have a vast, almost infinite choice of blinds, window coverings and draperies to chose from. Yet, through all these changes, Verti Store has been able to stand out and thrive.

With a personalized service based solely on the customer’s needs and budget, the company, which specializes in window embellishments, has its products tailor-made by the manufacturer to make sure that each customer is fully satisfied. And to ensure that all clients find what they need, Verti Store manufactures more standard products. As well, all installations can be taken care of by the company, at an additional cost.

Providing the best service from start to finish, in a sense, is the motto of the company.

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