Selcan Windows and Doors:  Leading the way for over 30 years

The windows and doors of a home can really make or break the heating bills. Also new windows can be a major selling point when listing a house. That’s why it’s so important to hire a reliable, reputable company like Selcan when you’re considering changing your windows and doors. “We have a wide variety of products at different price points, with something that will fit everybody’s needs,” explained owner John Devai, who has over three decades of experience in windows and doors. 

Selcan specializes in the whole spectrum of windows, from full PVC and hybrid windows to full aluminum and full wood windows. “Energy Star products are important, especially because there’s a government program that’s been on for a few years where you can take advantage of their credit program,” he said, adding, 

“You have to have products that are Energy Star-certified and installed by a company that has a licence to do so.”

Selcan Windows and Doors — the one-stop shop that offers all these products and services — is that company.

So how do you know if you need new windows? Apart from the functionality of the present window, which determines whether a window is broken to the point where it cannot be opened or closed properly, there is the most important issue of insulation. Is the window insulating the house properly by keeping out the cold? 

“One sure sign that a window has lost its insulating factor is when the condensation that builds up on the inside pane freezes during the winter season. This means that the temperature on the inside of the house close to the window is dropping below 0 degrees Celsius, which translates into extra costs to heat that room,” Devai said. “Although condensation is a natural occurrence that depends on the relative humidity of the house, this condensation should never freeze. Ice build-up on the inside glass panes or bottoms of doors is definitely a sign that windows should be replaced.”

Selcan Windows and Doors is located at 3695 St Jean Blvd., in Dollard des Ormeaux. For more information visit, or call 514-696-4801.

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