Scotiabank financial planner and investment specialist Anu Swaminadhan

“My clients appreciate the flexibility of meeting at a time and location that works with their schedule,” says Anu.

Proud member of the bank’s mobile financial planning team

Having a reliable financial planner who is available to sit down and provide their guidance and expertise is important to everyone, but when do you find the time to do so? That is where Anu Swaminadhan fits in.

Anu has been a financial planner and investment specialist for Scotiabank for two and a half years now. While she has offices at two West End branches — one on Queen Mary Road in Snowdon and the other on Sherbrooke and Harvard in NDG — she is a proud member of the bank’s mobile financial planning team.

“Understanding the time constraints of business owners, my clients appreciate the flexibility of meeting at a time and location that works with their schedule,” Anu explains. “If they prefer an office setting, then I can offer that as well.”

Anu and her family reside in NDG, so she specifically chose this area of town to serve clients. Her focus is a demographic known as the “mass affluent.” This means people with assets of between $200,000 and $1 million. “Typically people in this bracket have often not sat down with a financial planner. There is a lot to talk about, from goals and objectives to investments, specific family situations, taxes, financial issues and planning for retirement.”

Many of her clients are small business owners – individuals, families and entrepreneurs who are passionate about their chosen venture.

“I bring that same passion to help them align their business plan with their personal financial plan in order to realize their investment and retirement goals,” Anu says. “Additionally, I can help their employees achieve investment success with practical advice and convenient solutions.”

Anu was born and raised in Chennai, India. Contemplating her future, she found herself choosing between economics and the arts. She and her husband lived in Brussels for six years, prior to coming to Montreal in 2005 to raise their family. Initially, Anu managed to combine her arts and financial backgrounds to create Anupama (, a signature line of hand painted and hand crafted textiles inspired by ancient textile traditions of the world. 

One day in 2008, Anu was standing in line at a bank when she decided to act on one of her goals — to work in that milieu.  She asked to speak to the manager and in no time at all she was hired as a part-time teller. “I really liked it, especially the interaction with the clients,” she noted. 

Soon after, Anu enrolled with the Institut Québécois de Planification

Financière (IQBF) to pursue a diploma as a financial planner. She did so in two years while still working part-time at the bank, which initially hired her to put her new skills to work. While she appreciated all they did for her, the opportunity to join the   Scotiabank team and not having to worry about being transferred to different branches appealed to her. In less than three years she already has a solid client base.

“I will meet with them as often as needed,” she said. “Some want a monthly phone call, others are happy with at least two face to face meetings a year. The most important thing is to have a good meeting at the start so I can establish for them a customized financial plan.”

Anu spoke about working women, whom she notes in Canada control $2.2 trillion of financial assets.  Women coming out of a divorce represent another important group of clients with specific needs.

“There are a lot of emotions to deal with,” she says. “I try and bring clarity and a fresh perspective for them.”

Anu can be reached at 514-5666833 or at 

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