Sélection Île des Sœurs: Cruise-like living

Sélection Île des Sœurs on Nuns’ Island has so many amenities and activities, that living there is akin to being on a permanent ocean cruise. One aspect is the residence’s location and the views it offers. 

“Nuns’ Island has spectacular 360-degree views — including the Nuns’ Island Golf Course and the downtown Montreal skyline in the background,” says General Manager André Grégoire. Other views include the Lachine Rapids, the South Shore and even Vermont, 55 km to the south. “It’s incredible,” he marvels.

Grégoire says the building itself also has much to offer architecturally.

“The amount of light that comes into this property is tremendous,” he added. This one is quite unique.”

The residence has undergone $10 million in improvements over the past year, including renovations to apartments. “We’ve increased the number of large apartments, and the square footage per apartment. We have a lot of options — from 660 to 1,400 square-foot apartments. This is a reflection of what people want on Nuns’ Island.”

As well, the dining area has been upgraded “with up-to-date décor” and the lobby area has been made more grand. “It’s modern with a classic touch.”

The common areas were also enhanced, including an upgrading and modernization of the spa facility, adding professionals to

provide services. 

“Nun’s Island residents, and our seniors, come to our spa,” Grégoire explained. “It’s a great dynamic. All kinds of age groups are there, benefitting from these professional services. We had people coming in with walkers and canes, and after a few months with our personal trainer and physical therapist, they don’t need the canes or walkers anymore. Many say ‘I should have done this a long time ago.’”

In fact, the amenities and activities are countless, including a Proxim pharmacy, a 75-seat cinema with an 18-by-11-foot screen; a bistro and restaurant, bus trips to various locales, a weekly Happy Hour featuring local musicians, a physiotherapist, a nutritionist, a private trainer, an indoor pool, Aquaforme courses, a gym, a 3D simulation golf driving range, billiard tables, a pub, and even boxing training lessons for women to build muscle tone. The latter is “very unique,” says Grégoire.

Sélection Île des Sœurs has what is called progressive services — four types of senior living.

“One is condos for rent, for people who are still on the go. Those who don’t want all the services but want to be in a secure, beautiful environment. Second, we have a comfort package, where we supply dining, housekeeping, and laundry services. We have our distinctive, upscale large apartments — high-end living that is absolutely magnificent. And we have our care floor, which is assisted living … with a doctor onsite two days a week,” Grégoire explained. “They can choose to live where they want and benefit from the services that are there.”

On the assisted care floor, Sélection Île des Sœurs assist the seniors and try to conserve their autonomy for as long as possible. “It’s an entire environment where they have their own dining room, living rooms, their own library and gaming room, private dining if they want, so they have all that they need on one floor, including a garden. They can have a secure environment with nursing staff 24 hours a day, where we make sure they have an excellent quality of life.”

And Grégoire says the staff at Sélection Île des Sœurs is well equipped to enhance the residents’ quality of life.

“We’re very fortunate to have them on board with us. They know everything about what our seniors want, and that is so key to making sure that their comfort level and happiness is met every single day.

“Anything a senior needs, we will fulfill.”

Sélection Île des Sœurs is located at 325 chemin de la Pointe Sud. 

For more information, call

514 767-6792 or visit



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