Raymonde Aubry Design has your kitchen and bathroom needs covered

Kitchen and bathroom renovations can be expensive and time-consuming undertakings.  But with some knowledgeable consultations and access to premium materials, your projects can go off without a hitch. André Aubry, along with his wife Raymonde, have specialized in this industry for decades and their work can be seen firsthand at their showroom, Raymonde Aubry Design, located at 5469 Decarie Blvd.

“My wife is an interior designer and she wanted a showroom that would be a one-stop shop where people could see the plan, the design, the ceramics, the cabinets, the counters, the faucets, the sink … everything,” says André. “The showroom isn’t just nice, it’s huge.”

Rather than being laid out over one large space, the showroom is instead uniquely divided into 17 smaller, fully furnished rooms displaying anything from cozy kitchens to innovative bathrooms. While the couple focuses on kitchen and bathroom renovations, the shop also features items for any other room in the house. Priding themselves in top-notch customer service, the couple takes a hands-on approach with every prospective client, starting with a free estimate.

“First of all, we are the owners, so we don’t have sales people,” says André. “We take care of the customers ourselves. We have to deliver what we promise. We get many kinds of customers. Some are working on small projects and some are working on big projects. But, really, there is no small project.”

André adds that 60 per cent of their business is based on reference. “Over 20 years, we’ve had a lot of repeat customers because people get new kitchens, or they move or buy a condo or house. There’s customers who were children when we opened that are now coming back to us as adults.”

Every part of the process is covered — from electrical planning to a colour consultation, courtesy of Raymonde. “The trend today is for the design to fall somewhere between modern and traditional. But whatever style you’re looking for, we can do it.”

Raymonde Aubry Design is located at 5469 Decarie Blvd. For more information call 514-369-7780, or visit www.raymondedesign.com/en

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