LEARN, a non-profit educational organization located in Laval, has been and continues to be at the cutting edge of educational innovation. Established in 2005 with a view to assuring that the Anglophone community of Quebec received the resources and services needed in the implementation of the new curriculum, LEARN is now a recognized leader in the field of educational innovation. Over the years, LEARN has won numerous awards for its work with students and, in particular, in the area of e-learning. LEARN was the first to integrate flipped classes in the online environment, and the first to deliver online coding classes. Along the way, LEARN spearheaded and supported Community Learning Centres, and led the way with the introduction of Maker Spaces. Since its inception, LEARN has provided online classes to several thousands of students across the province, delivered thousands of hours of online tutorials to students, and offered professional development to thousands of teachers. Currently, LEARN is working on a project entitled NEXTSchool that will provide a framework for how schools can operate to meet the ever-changing needs of students in helping to equip them with 21st-century skills.  

All LEARN’s services are provided at no cost to the community. What this means is that students in public and private schools that are part of the English community of Quebec can attend the online classes, access the thousands of resources on its website, and receive online tutorials from Quebec-certified teachers. The online tutorials have proven to be very beneficial to students and much appreciated by parents given that a typical hour of tutoring could cost upwards of $40 per hour. Students interested in homework support, remediation or enrichment in any subject domain at both the elementary and secondary levels simply have to register on the website and schedule an appointment. In addition, students can come back as often as needed, and many do, especially as exam time approaches.

LEARN’s Community Learning Centres, nearly 90 of them across the province, bring together academics with social consciousness, bridging the gap between the school and the community in which it operates. These resources and services address the needs of students as well as the needs of parents and community partners. While the Centres have been particularly successful and popular in remote and rural areas, it is only recently that on-island schools and communities have actively embraced the approach. What is important to know is that research has demonstrated that these Centres contribute both to academic success and community vitality.

Funded in part by funds from the Canada-Quebec Entente for Linguistic Minorities, LEARN is closely aligned with the needs of the educational community and works in parallel with the Ministry of Education. LEARN’s tag line words are Teach, Learn, Help, and they represent the essence of what this organization is all about.

For more information, go to the LEARN website: www.learnquebec.ca

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