Dr. Louana Ibrahim, podiatrist will help you put your best foot forward

Dr. Louana Ibrahim

Our feet endure a lot, which is why, when we’re faced with an ailment, we want a podiatrist with a trusted reputation for professionalism. Dr. Louana Ibrahim, podiatrist prides herself on more than two decades of foot care out of her two offices in Laval and Dollard-des-Ormeaux. 

Equipped with the latest equipment and able to offer the most recent treatment options, Dr. Ibrahim, podiatrist can attend to everything from ingrown toenails, warts, corns and calluses, to nail conditions like fungal infections (athlete’s foot), melanoma, flat feet, bunions, hammer toes, diabetic feet and more. “Our team offers conservative treatments, including custom-made foot orthotics and surgical treatments for all foot pathologies,” she explains. 

One of Dr. Ibrahim’s podiatrist main priorities is to stay up-to-date on her medical training. She regularly pursues extensive continuing education, not only in the podiatric field but also in the medical field, in order to provide a wider variety of contemporary podiatric options with a holistic and wellness focus. “I try and focus 100 per cent of my energy on staying at the leading edge of podiatric treatment as a practitioner,” she adds.

And, because podiatry treatments are generally a process that can take as long as several months to several years, Dr. Ibrahim, podiatrist realizes that providing a high level of customer service is extremely important.

In addition, equipment is regularly updated at  their office locations. Their most recent acquisitions include a mini C-arm used during surgery where the surgeon can better plan repositioning and fixating bones in an optimal alignment (as opposed to using just digital X-rays), diagnostic tools to help diagnose soft tissue pathologies like bursitis, capsulitis, tendinitis, and plantar plate injuries, as well as a dermatoscope to help better identify skin lesions. This helps in decision-making for biopsies in detection of malignant tumours like melanoma and carcinomas.

If you’re experiencing foot pain or discomfort, make an appointment with Dr. Ibrahim, podiatrist today. Visit her website at monpodiatre.com, or call 450-668-5501 for their Laval office and 514-908-2210 for their DDO office.

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