Beth Ora, a Second Home for Jews in Saint Laurent

Congregation Beth Ora, a mainstay in Saint Laurent for over 64 years.

Congregation Beth Ora, a mainstay in Saint Laurent for over 64 years, is proud of the fact that this Modern Orthodox synagogue is now home to the third generation of Jewish families, despite the absence of a Jewish high school in the area. “The loyalty of our members is amazing, as most still attend the High Holy Days, while others continue to attend Shabbat services on a regular basis, or participate in many of our programs,” says president Howard Yancovitch.

People go there for the friendships they have built over the years. They come for spiritual enlightenment and exciting programs available for both adults and families. The congregation is led by the energetic Rabbi Knopf from Manchester, England, Rebbetzin Carly Knopf and the melodic Rabbi Heshy Benshimon.

The goal of any organization is to promote growth and inspiration to its members. Outreach is their priority, therefore Rabbi Knopf and the office send out email bulletins weekly, discussing the Torah “parsha,” updates in the lives of their members and upcoming events.  Marketing and Business Development Manager, Mireille Alvo, has enhanced the website and has lined up two amazing programs at Beth Ora following the High Holidays.  The first, on October 26th is an evening with the comedians from YidLife Crisis, to be followed by a Murder Mystery dinner, on November 12th. Tickets are still available and reservations are necessary!

In order to attract new members, Beth Ora is in the process of making changes to its membership structure by offering reduced prices for new members and families. If you are looking for a place to pray, participate in interesting activities, come together with friends or people with a shared history and philosophy, the Beth Ora family invites you to join them with open arms!

For more information on membership or to purchase tickets to their events, please call the office at 514-748-6559.

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